One Fun Side of Book Readings, or Yes You Can Write That Book


All authors must feel a little jittery when it’s time to talk about their latest work. However, at the Tucson Festival of Books (see photos) and the book signing at BookWorks [], in Albuquerque (see photos), it was fun to talk with visitors who are thinking about writing a book themselves.

Often the book they are thinking about involves the life of a family member, just like my mother’s story in A Life in the Law. A common question I get is, “How can I get started?” Another is, “I waited too long and now she (or he) is gone. How can I tell the story without her?”

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My mother’s book was an accidental gift. As she was recovering from a serious battle with cancer, she had retreated to a small house in Placitas, NM, up in the mountains. She was far from bookstores or coffee shops or a library, and was bored. As a way for her to fill the time as she got better, I sent her a little tape recorder and some blank tapes and encouraged her to talk about her law practice, which ran from the late 1940s to the mid-1960s. Although her sudden death stopped the project and we had only 12 tapes in all, she left a wealth of funny stories about the times.

If you have been thinking about writing that memoir or biography, today is a great time to start.

In the next article, we’ll offer ten steps to help you get started on your book.


–Mary Kay